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Content mentioned in this page as Country of Joestu/Joestu refers to the now District of Joban/Joban.
We are distinct from current Country of Joestu and have no relationship with them.

Joban Client Mod is an 1.16.5+ Forge/Fabric addon for the Minecraft Transit Railway mod that adds various blocks/functionalities.

This wiki aims to provide detailed descriptions and history on each blocks, and also the technical aspects of the mod.

The namespace of this mod is jsblock due to it's legacy name "Joestu Block Mod".

Mod Dependencies


You may download this mod from any of the source below:


For Normal Users

  • For a list of all JCM blocks, see Blocks.
  • For a list of JCM changelog, see Changelogs
  • To learn more about adding new types of PIDS, see Joban PIDS

For Technical Users

  • To see what JCM does when the game launches, check out Startup Behavior.
  • To check what mixins JCM has applied, please see Mixins
  • To see what packet JCM sends and receives, please check Packets

Dependencies used

Architectury Loom & Architectury Plugin - Make multiplatform development easier

Architectury API - Required by Minecraft Transit Railway

Fabric API - Required by Minecraft Transit Railway

Forgix - Merge both Forge & Fabric version into one jar

Manifold - Preprocessor to ease cross version development

ParchmentMC - Provide parameter name mappings for Mojang mapping.

Minecraft Transit Railway - Used for registering content and other functional blocks.

Minecraft Mappings - Cross version mappings

Mod Menu - Allows configuring for Mod Menu users running on Fabric


Q: How do I add PIDS Preset?

A: We have not fully documented the instructions. However if you have basic JSON knowledge, you can download the example resource pack in the Joban PIDS article and modify it to create new PIDS Preset.

Q: Can I include this mod in my modpack?

A: Yes, you are more welcomed to do so!

Q: Will you upload the mod to CurseForge?

A: No. There's a lack of human resources to maintain the project on CurseForge, along with other UI issues and inconveniences makes it simply isn't worth doing.

Please however do not re-upload the mod without our consent, it will only make things harder to keep track of.


Please check the Troubleshooting section listed below first.

If you need any help on installing this mod, or providing bug reports/suggestions, please join our Discord Server

Before doing that however, please read the following:

  • This mod is for Minecraft Java Edition only
  • We will not port the mod to Minecraft Bedrock Edition
  • If you need help with the installation of the mod, we officially support:
    • Official Minecraft Launcher
    • MultiMC
    • PrismLauncher
    • ATLauncher
  • Support outside these launcher are not always guaranteed.
  • We strongly recommend purchasing a genuine Minecraft Account, we will not provide assistance if you failed to do so. (Bug Reports or Suggestions are not affected)

Known issues and information

  • If you are on 1.16.5 running an Intel GPU, this mod may crash your game if you try to turn on MTR fonts via MTR Mod. This is due to us using TTF font provided by Minecraft (For simplicity reasons), which will crash game before 1.17. (This doesn't occur after 1.17, you may safely turn on MTR Fonts)
  • Optifine with shaders may cause rendering issues (Such as text turned to red and characters turning to rectangle). In this case please uninstall Optifine and use the alternatives (There's nothing we can do about it at the moment)
  • Make sure you have downloaded the correct Minecraft version
  • Make sure the version you downloaded is compatible with the MTR version you have. (See Changelogs).