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The regions of Central Joban [Outdated]

Central Joban is one of the regions of Joban, and refers to the section of Joban encompassing the urban areas of Fuka, Central South, and Kansai. It is centered on Central railway station. The extremes of the area are Iwarano Station, Airport Station, Bubba Town Station, and North Esplanade Station. It is bordered by Ngo Tin to the west, Lamtsu to the south, Grundorf to the South-East Joestu to the east and Pak Hoi to the north. The following railway companies own tracks and stations in the region:

The surrounding regions [Citation Needed]

Central Joban is the center of the Kansai-Fuka-Central Megapolis, with the 3 cities and the surrounding area including smaller cities, totaling a population of 8 million. The Central Joban region itself has a population of 12 million, with close to 7 million commuting into the city from other areas, although there is a lot of traffic in the opposite direction as well.



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