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Central South Station

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Central South
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Central South Station
General information
Location Central district, Joban
Owned by - Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation
- Rigel Corporation (Rigel Line/Airport Express Concourse)
Operated by - Kowloon-Canton Railway
- Qingli Railways
- Rigel Corporation
Line(s) Tohoku Shinkansen
Joestu Line
Tsz Kiu Line
Shuntien Line
North South Line
Central Light Rail
Joban Light Rail
Rigel Line
Airport Express
Seiyo Shinkansen
Platforms 19
Tracks 19
Structure Type At-Grade/
Platform Levels 4
Disabled Access East Concourse

Central South is a large interchange station owned by KCR, located in the Central district, the station livery is red.

The station connects the Shuntien Line, North South Line, Tsz Kiu Line, Central Light Rail, Joban Light Rail, Airport Express, Tohoku Shinkansen, Joestu Line and Seiyo Shinkansen.

Station Layout

Floor Platforms Routes Destination State
G Platform 1 Central/Joban Light Rail Fuka/Central Opened
Platform 2 Central/Joban Light Rail Terminus Opened
L1 Platform 7 Tohoku Shinkansen Metropolis/Fuka Opened
Platform 8 Seiyo Shinkansen Lamtsu Not ready
Platform 9 Seiyo Shinkansen Terminus Not ready
Platform 10 Joestu Line (City Section) Terminus Opened
Platform 11 Joestu Line (City Section) Akasaka Opened
Platform 12 Tsz Kiu Line Sai Kong Opened
Platform 13 Tsz Kiu Line Central Opened
L2 Platform 14 North South Line South Beach Opened
Platform 15 North South Line North Esplanade Opened
Platform 16 Shuntien Line South Horizons Not ready
L3 Platform 17 Shuntien Line Saper Hill Not ready
Platform 18 Chun Ging Line Terminus Not ready
Platform 19 Chun Ging Line T.B.A Not ready

(Rigel Concourse)

Platform 3 Rigel Line Terminus Opened
Platform 4 Rigel Line Draco Opened
Platform 5 Airport Express Fuka Opened
Platform 6 Airport Express Airport Opened