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Fuka Lightrail

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Fuka Lightrail
Fuka Lightrail.png
An Phase III LRV approaching Ulysses Station
Owner Norslade Rail Road
Locale Joban
Termini Fuka
Stations 5
Initials FLR
Type Light Rail
Operator(s) Rigel Corporation
(Previously Norslade Rail Road/KCR)
Depot(s) Watson LRT Depot
Operating speed 40 km/h (Average)
Route Map
Fuka Lightrail Routemap.png

The Fuka Light Rail is a Light Rail route constructed by Norslade Rail Road, and operated by Rigel Corporation (Previously Norslade Rail Road and KCR).

The route currently has a total of 5 stations.


Operation handover

On March 2021, a new server is created to effectively disassociate the old Joestu Server due to governance issues.

As the CEO of Norslade Rail Road is also the founder of the old Joestu Server, he was not able to regain the power and permission he once had. With more chat log being discovered, they feels dissatisfied with the new server and due to various actions they later got banned from The District of Joban.

As no one is in charge of Fuka Lightrail anymore, the operation is temporarily handed over to KCR, and later taken over by Rigel Corporation.

With Rigel Corporation stating to improve frequency of its services and smoother interchange with the upcoming Metropolis Line in Drayton Station.

Alyburgh Branch


In 2013, a proposal is made by Norslade Rail Road to open a new branch diverged from the main route of Fuka Lightrail.

This is quickly approved by the government, however the construction didn't begin until April 2019.

Unlike other route proposal, the majority of people doesn't know where this branch is heading towards, and the workers are only instructed to build Alyburgh branch.

The documents of the proposal is never found. Due to the close relationship between Norslade Rail Road and the Government, some speculates that a proper route proposal is never made, and allows Norslade Rail Road to build any potential routes that may benefit the company. This is however not confirmed as of September 2022.

Handover to Rigel Corporation

In February 2022, a new proposal is made to the Alyburgh branch as follows:

Station Name Station Code Connections
負荷 Fuka FUK Joestu Line, Tohoku Shinkansen

Airport Express

阿利堡 Alyburgh ALB
南海 Nankai NAK Joestu Line
赫丘利 Hercules HEC

Quickly after, a proposal has been made to merge the Alyburgh branch and Central Light Rail 271 into a new route, this would later form the Joban Light Rail.

Route Info

Station Name Station Code Connections Opening Date
負荷 Fuka FUK Joestu Line (City Section), Joestu Line (Countryside Section),

Joban Light Rail, Rigel Line, Airport Express, Tohoku Shinkansen

June 7, 1999
尤利西斯 Ulysses ULY Rigel Line June 7, 1999
星街 Hoshimachi HSM June 7, 1999
華生 Watson WAT Metropolis Station June 7, 1999
德雷頓 Drayton DRA May 16, 2004