The District of Joban Fuka Station

Fuka Station

From The District of Joban
Platform 1-8 of Fuka Stations
General information
Location Joban
Coordinates 4984 -1053
Line(s) Joestu Line
Tohoku Shinkansen
Rigel Line
Airport Express
Fuka Lightrail
Platforms 22
Tracks 26
Structure Type At-Grade/
Platform Levels 3
Disabled Access Partial
Opened Jan 3, 1960

Fuka (Chinese: 負荷) is a station, located near the spawnpoint of The District of Joban Server.


Fuka Terminal 3

On 2015, an plan was proposed to merge the Metropolis Station and the East Fuka Station as they are too close to Fuka.

Historically, these stations are operated by Harmony Rail Transit and is completely separate from Fuka Station.

This proposal involves making a tunnel to link between all stations, then eventually unifying the paid area and all electronic systems.

While the plan was rejected by Harmony Rail Transit and Rigel Corp, the government stated that it could benefit citizens in the long run.

After further negotiations, all 3 stations are merged as of July 2015.

However, no further action has been taken besides the name being changed as of 2022

In 2016, a new Metropolis Station was later plotted further away from Fuka, several lines that were serving the Old Metropolis station started migrating away to the new Metropolis Station.

The Southern Line would operate as branches, with one train going to Metropolis and one train going to Fuka.

The Metropolis Line will only serve the New Metropolis Platform, however the old platform is still being used as an Emergency Platform for Freight Trains.

The North East Line has also ceased operations, leaving the old Metropolis station empty.

As of 2022, only the upcoming Nam Tung Line will utilize 2 Old Metropolis Platforms.

The now abandoned Fuka Terminal 3 Concourse

Due to the lacking demand for new Routes in Fuka Station, the Fuka Terminal 3 has officially been abandoned as of 2023.

The upcoming connection tunnel between Fuka and Metropolis will be closed forever, leaving a large, inaccessible underground network near Fuka.

Station Layout

Terminal 1

D Deck Observation Tower
UG Passageway Towards Platform 1 to 8
G KCR Concourse Exit A and B
Automatic Teller Machine, Customer Service, Shops, Station Garden
Platform 1 Tohoku Shinkansen termination platform →
Island Platform, doors will open on the left or right
Platform 2 Tohoku Shinkansen towards Central South
Platform 3 Tohoku Shinkansen towards Touhou
Island Platform, doors will open on the left or right
Platform 4 Tohoku Shinkansen towards Touhou
Platform 5 Joestu Line (Countryside Section) towards Kansai Rinkai Park
Island Platform, doors will open on the left or right
Platform 6 Joestu Line (Countryside Section) terminating platform
Platform 7 Joestu Line (City Section) towards Akasaka
Island Platform, doors will open on the left or right
Platform 8 Joestu Line (City Section) towards Central South
Side Platform, doors will open on the left
Platform 11 Fuka Lightrail termination platform →
Platform 12 Fuka Lightrail towards Drayton
Side Platform, doors will open on the left
LG Passageway Platform 13 towards Exit B and Platform 12
L1 Rigel Concourse Exit A, B, and C
Customer Service, Lost Property Office, Concessionary Travel Office, Shops
L2 Platform 9 Rigel Line towards Draco
Island Platform, doors will open on the right
Platform 10 Rigel Line towards Airport (Terminal 1)
L3 Passageway Towards Terminal 2 and 3

Terminal 2

Airport Express Concourse Exit A
Customer Service, In-town Check-in, Left Baggage, Waiting Room
L1 Passageway Towards Platform 13 and 14
Side Platform, doors will open on the left
Platform 13 Airport Express termination platform →
Platform 14 Airport Express towards Airport (Terminal 1)
Side Platform, doors will open on the left