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Grundorf Metro

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Grundorf Metro

Grundorf Metro logo.png
Locale Southern Joban, Grundorf Island
Transit Type Rapid Transit
Number of lines 3
Route Map
Grundorf Metro Route Map.png

Grundorf Metro (GM; Chinese 君渡捷運) is a railway company in Joban, operating the Star Light Line and Grundorf Line that provides crucial access from Grundorf Island to the Southern Joban.


In 1982, a railway line is proposed and subsequently built that connects between Sunton and On Yat, which was the biggest port in the Grundorf territory.

In 2007, the government of Joban proposed an idea to develop a Central Business District in the island of Sung Tak and need new transit lines to go through the island. During this time the state of Grundorf is also looking for a way to increase tourism and boost the economy but are unable to fund themselves any sort of public transit, as such planning work quickly begins on creating a new railway line that connects from the Grundorf Island to Sung Tak.

In 2009, both Grundorf Metro and Rigel Corporation are rewarded to build a rapid transit towards Sung Tak, this would later become Grundorf Line and Metropolis Line respectively

In 2016, the Grundorf Line is officially opened from Grundorf to Sung Tak. The previous line that heads towards the Port is renamed to Star Light Line.

Due to severe delays on the Rigel Metropolis Line, Sung Tak did not immediately gain significant development and the lines are mostly used for Grundorf resident to travel between the state.

In July 2023, a major milestone has been reached as the Star Light Line has been extended to Crystal South Station, a new station that will interchange with the SXR Southern Line, finally forming an easily accessible public transit to Grundorf.