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Hakone Station

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Hakone Station. Pictured is the last train to leave the station for that day.
General Information
Location -2788 ~ 33002
Owned by Harmony Rail Transit (Lamtsu)
Operated by Harmony Rail Transit (Lamtsu)
Line(s) Hakone Line
Platforms 2
Tracks 2
Connections Hakone Mine Train
Technical Details
Structure Type At-grade
Disabled Access Yes
Opened 2008

Hakone Station is a railway station in the town of Hakone, Tai Hing Island, Lamtsu Capital City, Hon Kwong Province, Federation of Sorano.


Before the Seiyo Shinkansen and the Tai Hing rebuilding project, Hakone Station was the most important station on the western portion of the Mihara Line, with most services terminating here. The 2 platforms were to facilitate peak hour traffic on the single-tracked Mihara Line.

With the extension of the Mihara Line and the subsequent mass emigrations from Hakone, Hakone Station has been demoted to a local stop on the Hakone Line, with transfers to the Mihara Line available at Otaki and Tai Hing Forest.

Hakone Railway Station was closed on 20th June 2022, with Hakone Line services being taken over by the Tai Hing Tram.