The District of Joban JCM:1.1.4-hotfix-1


From The District of Joban

Joban Client Mod v1.1.4-hotfix-1 is released to address the issue in v1.1.4.

(Optional on either Client/Server, but we strongly recommend updating both)


  • Subsidy / Fare Saver GUI allows entering invalid data.
  • Weather & Clock on Tilted RV PIDS is displayed incorrectly
  • Disconnects on Fabric 1.16.5 Dedicated Server when configuring PIDS


Fabric 1.19.x

Fabric 1.18.2

Fabric 1.17.1

Fabric 1.16.5

Forge 1.19.x

Forge 1.18.2

Forge 1.17.1

Forge 1.16.5