The District of Joban JCM:1.1.6


From The District of Joban

Joban Client Mod 1.1.6 has been released

Compatible MTR Version

MTR 3.1.5 -> 3.1.11


  • Crafting Recipe, some of the recipe is listed on the [wiki](
  • Missing loot table for recently added blocks.
  • Disneyland Resorts Line APG


  • All blocks now requires you to mine with a pickaxe for blocks to drop.
  • Thales Ticket Barrier (Bare) can now be automatically attached to an MTR fence, simply place an MTR fence next to it and it will merge.
  • Thales Ticket Barrier (Bare) no longer emits any light
  • Butterfly Light (Time until it starts blinking) can now be configured
  • The arrow in the KCR Emergency Stop Sign can now be toggled with brush.
  • Operator Only Button now emits less light.
  • Light Source Block will be replaced with another block when right clicked.
  • Fabric and Forge jar is now merged into one.


  • Rare crash when placing down RV PIDS
  • Incompatibilities with Debugify
  • Platform number not showing on MTR 3.1.5


Fabric/Forge 1.16.5

Fabric/Forge 1.17.1

Fabric/Forge 1.18.x

Fabric/Forge 1.19.x