The District of Joban JCM:1.2.1


From The District of Joban

Compatible MTR Version

MTR 3.2.2 -> Latest


  • The PIDS Preset Text Box will now display a list of available PIDS Preset when focused.


  • RV PIDS can now show color of multiple routes in the same platform
  • Compatibility with MTR 3.2.2
  • Ticket Barrier (Bare Metal) will no longer wrongly add fences if you place a fence in-front or after the barrier.
  • RV PIDS's text is now further away from background, allowing player to view the PIDS content further without clipping issues.

Further notes

  • You should be able to safely enable MTR Fonts if you are running 1.17 or above, this is only a known issue on 1.16.5 as far as we are aware.
  • It is currently known that Sound Looper would play Stereo Sound to everyone in the server.


Published on Modrinth