The District of Joban JCM:Butterfly Light

JCM:Butterfly Light

From The District of Joban
Door Closing Indicator (Butterfly Light)
JCM butterfly light.png
General Information
Block ID jsblock:butterfly_light
Item Group JCM Blocks
Type Directional Block
Transparent No
Hardness 3.0
Light Level 4
Other Information
Added in v1.0.0
Created by LX86

A Door Closing Indicator (Also known as Butterfly Light) is a functional block in Joban Client Mod.

This was a device in the MTR East Rail Line activated by a Platform Supervisor, reminding the Train Driver may now close the door and depart.

To comply with MTR Mod's automation, this is changed to start flashing 10s (By default) before departure.


facing lit
north false
east true

Crafting Recipe

Minecraft Black concrete.png
Minecraft Redstone.png
Minecraft Black concrete.png
Minecraft Black concrete.png
Minecraft Lapis lazuli.png
Minecraft Black concrete.png
Crafting Table Arrow.png
JCM Item Butterfly light.png4


  1. Right click the block with a brush to configure the time when it starts flashing before departure

Block Entity

This block has a block entity, and stores the following data:


Name Type Description Default Value
seconds_to_blink Integer The dwell time (seconds) left when it starts blinking 10


Version Changes Made
v1.0.0 Added Butterfly Light.
v1.0.3 Butterfly Light now works properly without doDaylightCycle on.
v1.1.4 The flashing state has been changed to an animated texture.
v1.1.6 The time until it blinks can now be configured.