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Joban PIDS refers to a series of Passenger Information Display System Blocks that extends the class JobanPIDSBase.

This class has support for PIDS Variable and PIDS Preset. The following block supports these features:

Old Tsueng Kwan O Line PIDS

Railway Vision PIDS

Railway Vision PIDS (SIL 1)

Railway Vision PIDS (SIL 2)

Block Entity Data

Name Type Description
All MTR Mod PIDS Properties
preset_id String The string of the Preset ID

PIDS Preset

A PIDS preset is like a collection of configurations for the PIDS, things you can change including:

  • Visibility of Weather/Time (RV PIDS Only)
  • Font used
  • Font Color
  • Background Images
  • Hide arrival override (Since v1.1.5)
  • Push arrival down even without hiding the arrivals (Since v1.1.5)
  • Colors for different cars (Since v1.2.2)

Example Pack Download

Cars Color

You may now specify the color for the car display by adding a carLengthColor array for each preset, for example:

"carLengthColor": [null, "00FFFF", "FF00FF"]

This means:

  • No color change for the 1st car
  • Use color #00FFFF if the train is 2-car long
  • Use color #FF00FF if the train is 3-car long
  • No color change for other car length.

PIDS Variable

A variable is like a placeholder, you can put a text formatted in a specific way, and that text will be replaced with something else (e.g. a dynamic value).

List of variables
Variable Name Description Version Added
{weather} The weather of the current world, possible values are:

"Sunny", "Raining", "Thundering"

{time} The current world time, returns "HH:MM" v1.1.2
{time_period} The current time period, possible values are:

"Morning", "Afternoon", "Night"

{weatherChin} The weather of the current world in chinese.

Possible values are: "晴天", "下雨", "雷暴"

{worldPlayer} Current amount of player on the current world v1.1.4
{day} The day elapsed (Same as the one shown in F3 Screen) v1.1.5

Simply put the Variable Name mentioned above in your PIDS as custom text, and it will work.