The District of Joban JCM:LRT Trespass Signage

JCM:LRT Trespass Signage

From The District of Joban
LRT Trespass Signage
JCM trespass sign 3.png
General Information
Block ID jsblock:trespass_sign_3
Item Group JCM Blocks
Type Multipart
Transparent Yes
Hardness 1.5
Light Level 0
Other Information
Added in v1.1.5
Created by AozoraSky

A LRT Trespass Signage is a decoration block in Joban Client Mod.


facing half
north upper
east lower


The Item texture for this block is a beta texture, and is slightly different from the actual block in terms of coloring.

Crafting Recipe

Minecraft Red dye.png
Minecraft Iron ingot.png
Minecraft Stick.png
Crafting Table Arrow.png
JCM Item Trespass sign 3.png6


Version Changes Made
v1.1.5 Added LRT Trespass Signage