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JCM:Sound Looper

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Sound Looper
JCM Sound Looper.png
General Information
Block ID jsblock:sound_looper
Item Group JCM Blocks
Type Block
Transparent No
Hardness 0.8
Light Level 0
Other Information
Added in v1.0.8
Created by LX86

A Sound Looper is a block that plays sound repeatedly in a certain interval.


  1. Right Click with a brush to configure the Sound Looper
  2. Follow the GUI Instructions.
  3. On the configured interval, the following will be executed: If the sound looper is configured to need redstone power, it will not play if there's no power. If the range is limited, it will only play the sound to the player between the 2 positions. Otherwise, it will play the sound to everyone.

Crafting Recipe

Minecraft Smooth stone.png
Minecraft Redstone.png2
Crafting Table Arrow.png
JCM Sound Looper.png

Block Entity

This block has a block entity, and stores the following data:

Name Type Description Default Value
pos1 long The first set of positions encoded in Long 0L
pos2 long The second set of positions encoded in Long 0L
limit_range boolean Whether the range should be limited between pos1 and pos2 0b
sound_id string The Sound ID to play ""
volume float The volume where the sound will play 1.0f


The release of JCM 1.1.2 has to be postponed due to the method parameters of ClientboundCustomSoundPacket being changed in 1.19, a mapping is later made to support 1.19 and older versions.

Version Changes Made
v1.0.8 Added Sound Looper
v1.1.2 Sound looper may now be limited in a range