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Kowloon-Canton Railway

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For the company which operates the KCR network, see Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation.

KCR (Kowloon-Canton Railway) is a railway network in central Joban, stretching from Central South to Joestu. The eastern section of the Joban railway network is a monopoly for KCRC, which is the company that owns and operates the network.

The network is the only network in central Joban not to be government-owned, with Shintetsu operating in the southern regions of Joban. However, the Joban government is still the controlling shareholder, with a stake of 85% in KCRC.


Although most railway networks are operated by a consortium of companies, central Joban is unique in that every company owns and maintains their own network. The KCR network is operated exclusively by KCRC, and consists of 1 main line, 1 Shinkansen, and multiple feeder lines.

The Joestu Line is broken up into 3 portions: City Section, Countryside Section, and Suburban Section (Referred simply to as Joestu Line on the system map).

Routes in operation
Line Type Termini
Joestu Line Main Central South


Tohoku Shinkansen Shinkansen Central South


Keio Line Branch Iwaki


Keio East Line Branch Aki

Aki East

Sakuya Line Branch Misaka


Aozora Line Branch Touhou




All KCR Services are all-stop local trains from their 2 termini, excluding the following Shinkansen services, which have varying stopping patterns:

Name Japanese Termini Max Speed
Asama あさま Fuka - Touhou 200km/h
Komachi こまち Fuka - Touhou
Super Komachi 素晴らしいこまち Fuka - Touhou
Hayate はやて Fuka - Adobe
Hayabusa はやぶさ Adobe - Central South