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Welcome to the wiki page of The District of Joban

The District of Joban (Formerly known as Country of Joestu) is one of the biggest Minecraft server that is based on Minecraft Transit Railway Mod.

We constantly innovates new technologies to make for a unique playing experiences, some of being Train Doors Announcements (Observer based), Manual Driving Mod, Train Ticket System, First Class SP1900, Dynamic Route Display with NTE, Custom Minecraft Fonts and more!

With much experienced builders, The District of Joban server is now home to one of the most enjoyable ride experiences and continues to lead forward in the MTR Mod community.

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This is a wiki page run by staffs and administrators, with the main goal of introducing the history and details of Joban/Joestu to every visitors. Contents may not be up-to-date, so please only use this wiki page as a reference.

Joban Minecraft Server

The Joban Minecraft Server is a modded Minecraft Transit Server operated by the Joban Team.

To join our server you may check out the instructions here


If you would like to help covering the operational cost of the Joban Minecraft server by any means, then firstly thanks for considering! You will receive a donor rank on both MC and our Discord Server (DM Administrator+ with the payment evidence) for a month, and priority support and suggestions for Joban Client Mod.

You may support us financially over on Sparked Host's Public Pay System, the money donated will directly be added to our account's balance and will be used when paying for the next month.

To ensure you are donating to the correct account, please verify that the Client Pay ID is yg2lERvjkBzp, and the Client Name is The District of Joban in the public pay webpage linked above.

System Map


Route List

Kowloon-Canton Railway Rigel Corporation Qingli Railways Switxn Railway Grundorf Metro OrchidLink
Joestu Line Rigel Line East West Crossrail Southern Line Star Light Line Azure Line
Tohoku Shinkansen Metropolis Line Fung Yuen Line Grundorf Line
Keio East Line Airport Express North South Line Grundorf Express (w/ KCR)
Keio Line Kansai APM Network Capital East Line South East Line
Aozora Line Tsz Kiu Line
Sakuya Line Fuka Lightrail
Grundorf Express

(w/ Grundorf Metro)

Joban Light Rail
Central Light Rail
Fuka-Metropolis APM

Joban Client Mod

For more information of Joban Client Mod, please click here.


This section only contains undocumented behavior in MTR Mod

Generating PSDs model - FileGenerator

Add BVE Sound to Custom Train - Custom BVE Train Sound

Sensor Checking Process - Sensor Checking

External Links

Discord Server

Main Website

Railway System Map