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Metropolis Line
Status In-Constructions
Owner Rigel Corporation
Locale Joban, Southern Island
Termini Lightstone
Sung Tak
Stations 7
Initials MPL
Type Commuter Rail
Operator(s) Rigel Corporation
Depot(s) Lightstone
Line Length 17.4km (10.8mi)
Track gauge 1,435mm
Electrification 25 kV 50 Hz AC
Operating speed 95km/h (Average)

The Metropolis line is a rapid transit under constructions by Rigel Corporation, linking between Lightstone and the Southern Island of Joban. It has a total of 7 Stations.



Constructing a railway to the Southern Island was proposed as early as 1995, however due to the relatively low amount of people in the Southern Island, the plan was rejected.

In March 2009, the Joban Government Railway Development Strategy report envisioned a Rapid Transit Services between the city and the Southern Island. The government invited Harmony Rail Transit and Rigel Corp to submit a proposal for the network Design, Constructions and Operations. Both Rigel Corp and HRT submitted a full proposal by October 2009. In May 2010, the Government adopted Rigel Corp's Proposal.


In August 2011, constructions began from Lightstone to Metropolis Station. However it was later discovered that the curve radius is too small, and a new tunnel needs to be constructed. In April 2012, A new tunnel is constructed linking between Lightstone and Metropolis

New Metropolis

Due to the rapid city development, the existing Metropolis station is no longer at the Center of Metropolis.

Eventually in July 2015, A new Metropolis station is plotted, and a new tunnel is constructed linking to the new station.

Freight Services

To further relieve traffic congestion, in 2016 the Joban Government released a Railway Development Strategy report, which involves building a new Platform at Lightstone and Sung Tak respectively. The freight service will only run between Lightstone and Sung Tak, while using the old Metropolis tunnel to avoid congesting the main line as much as possible.


Station Name Station Name (English) Connections Status
光石 Lightstone Rigel Line, Tohoku Shinkansen Pending opening
都心 Metropolis Southern Line, North East Line Pending opening
德雷頓 Drayton Fuka Lightrail Pending opening
邊廈 Frontier Pending opening
興安 Hing On Pending opening
竹田 Takeda Under constructions
崇德 Sung Tak Southern Tramways Under constructions

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