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Mihara Line

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Mihara Line
Status Operational
Locale Lamtsu
Termini Mihara

Lamtsu Yamate

Tai Hing Forest
Stations 11
Type Commuter Rail
Operator(s) Harmony Rail Transit (Lamtsu)
Line Length 9km
Operating speed 120km/h
Route Map

The Mihara Line is a suburban commuter line operated by Harmony Rail Transit (Lamtsu), and is the primary railway connection to the Tai Hing peninsula in the west of Lamtsu. Trains are dispatched from Lamtsu Depot and Nanae Depot.


The Mihara Line was the 3rd HRT line in Lamtsu, and the 2nd to be constructed by HRT. The first stage of the line opened in 1982, from Misato to Mihara. The next section opened in 1998, from Mihara to Hayakawa, folllowed by the completion of the line as we know today in 2008, extending all the way to Tai Hing. At this stage, new services began to run on the Mihara Line. The section from Mihara to Hayakawa was split off into a separate line, with services terminating at Mihara. This line would later become the Ome Line. Rapid and Local services would run from Misato to Tai Hing, with express services terminating at Mihara.

The Mihara Line would be extended to Lamtsu in 2021, following a 15 year issue over NIMBY land acquisition to sextuple-track the section between Lamtsu and Misato. This allowed Express services to take over the old Rapid service trains, and ran from Yamate to Mihara. This also led to the creation of the Suburban service, which ran from Mihara to Hayakawa on the Ome Line.

In the 2022 Great Lamtsu Railway Rebuild, the Mihara Line would see the speed limits be lowered from 160 to 120 along most of the line, and Rapid services would not run on the single-tracked section from Mihara to Tai Hing (Now Tai Hing forest). Evidence of this can be found in the platforms at Tai Hing and Otaki, where the platforms are significantly longer than the train.

The previous E44 rolling stock was replaced by the E233-100 series in 2022.

The Hakone Line runs on Mihara Line tracks, excluding the spur line to Tai Hing (Shinkansen Station)

The Mihara Line is connected to Lamtsu Freight Terminal, and is used by express freight trains that have high speeds. Other freight trains reverse at Kata and continue via the Ome Line.


Officially, the Mihara Line is broken up into several sections, so ridership data from the Mihara Line only includes data from the section known as the Mihara Line, with parts of the line not officially included discounted.

The Suburban service was discontinued on the 1st July 2022 due to the Ome Line rebuild. The former Express service was then rebranded as the Rapid.

The line is single-tracked from Mihara to Tai Hing Forest. Trains can pass each other at Saito station.

No, Station Name Station Name (English) Local Rapid (Seasonal) Rapid Suburban Hakone Line Between Distance Transfers Line Region
For Express: Through Service from Yamate
NB05 楠梓 Lamtsu N.A N.A - 0.0 Seiyo Shinkansen

Tozai Line

Namboku Line

Yamate Line

Namboku Line Lamtsu City
MH01 美里 Misato N.A 1.5 1.5 Yamate Line

Namboku Line

Ome Line

Sakuho Line

Misato City Tram

Ome Heritage Line

Mihara Line Misato City
MH02 篠栗 Sasaguri | | | N.A 1.2 2.7
MH03 津和野 Tsuwano | N.A 1.3 4.0 Heritage Ome Line

Iizuna Line

MH04 西三原 Higashi-Mihara | | | N.A 0.9 4.9
MH05 三原 Mihara N.A 0.3 5.2 Ome Line
MH06 斎藤 Saito | N.A N.A N.A 1.7 6.9 Saito City


大多喜 Otaki | | N.A N.A N.A 0.5 7.4
HK02 士幌 Shihoro | | N.A N.A 0.7 8.1 Hakone Line Hakone
HK03 箱根 Hakone | N.A N.A 0.4 8.5


大慶林 Tai Hing Forest N.A N.A 0.2 8.7 Tai Hing Tram Tai Hing
HK05 大慶 Tai Hing N.A N.A N.A N.A 0.3 9.0 Seiyo Shinkansen
Through Service to the Ome Line for Suburban