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Shimakyu Railway (shimakyu dentetsu), officially known as Shimakyu Express Electric Railway (島急電鉄株式会社, Shimakyū dentetsu kabushikigaisha), is a private railway company in Lamtsu, operating lines in the Lamtsu, Yokohama, and Shima areas. It was formerly known as the government-owned Misato Railway Transport (美里鉄道輸送株式会社, Misato Tetsudo Yuso Kabushiki Kaisha), also known as Mitetsu or MRT .

The company forms the core of Sorano-Misato Railway Transit, and includes Lamtsu Rapid Transit.

Some of the famous trains operated by Mitetsu include the Rakurai and the Inazuma, both of which operate at speeds of 160km/h, the fastest in Lamtsu as of 2022. The trains run long-distance express services on the Kansai Main Line, and while all the trains on these lines can run at 160km/h, only these trains achieve and hold the speed consistently. The older K-Trains have been retired in favour of the faster A-trains.


Major Stations

In Lamtsu


  • Yokohama Station (Yokohama)
  • Shima Station


Sorano-Misato Railway Transport was broken off Harmony Rail Transit (Lamtsu) during the antitrust lawsuit in 2022. The Heavy Rail operations of the Shima Line, Kujukuri Line and Sakuho Line were passed to Misato Railway Transport.

In 2022, Sorano-Misato Railway Transport was privatised, and Misato Railway Transport was renamed to Shimakyu.