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Qingli Railways is a company operating the Qingli Railways (Joban) and HRT (New Tsihai) network in Joban following the HRT pullout of the region, citing high operating costs that were unsustainable, and the Jobanese purchase of New Tsihai from Sorano. Harmony Rail Transit (Lamtsu), the most profitable HRT company, was excluded from the merger of HRT (Joban) and HRT (New Tsihai) into the New Harmony Railways, as it was able to fund the operations by itself. However, it was also included in the pullout, and was then reorganized into the Lamtsu Railway Company.

Qingli Railways, upon their separation from the HRT network, operated more than 500km of railways, but following the privatization, that number has dwindled to just 5 lines, with lines such as the Ome Line (Joban section) and the Seiyo Main Line (New Tsihai Section) falling victim to the cuts. These cuts were part of the "Reshaping of Joban Railways", which resulted in the closure of close to 40% of the railways in the region. During the 2022 Joban elections, the new government promised to stop any further closures of the railway network, and nationalized the New Harmony Railways, leaving KCR as the last of the "Big 3" not to be privatized (excluding Grundorf and the city-state Lamtsu). Many of the lines that faced closure are now being restored with new stations, rolling stock and tracks, with the entire Capital East Line being elevated.

As part of the HRT (Joban) breakup, the Southern Line, Icefire Express, Redhill Line and the Shuntien Line were sold to the Swixn Railway.


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