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Ome Heritage Line

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The Ome Heritage Line is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harmony Rail Transit (Lamtsu) that operates the Ome Heritage Line in Lamtsu. The line uses a portion of the Ome Line from Tsuwano and the Vtuber Park Branch from Lamtsu Vtuber Park, before continuing on the disused portion of the old Ome Line alignment. The line offers scenic views of the Sora Nature Reserve (The line was built before the establishment of the reserve) and functions as a commuter rail line for some who live in the area.



  • Wholly owned subsidiary of Harmony Rail Transit (Lamtsu)
  • Headquarters: Sora, Lamtsu Capital City
  • Founded: 2022
  • Major Enterprise: Operaiton of Ome Heritage Line


  • Rural Feeder (See Railway Classification)
  • Operation and Possession
    • Operation: Ome Heritage Line
    • Possession: Harmony Rail Transit (Lamtsu)
  • Track: Double
  • Shares track of Vtuber Park Line from Yellowstones to Lamtsu Vtuber Park
  • No. of stations: 5


Excluding Misato, all the stations are in Sora.

  • Misato
    • Primary connection of the line
  • Sora
    • Built to serve the village of Sora, and subsequently serves the railway museum.
  • Yellowstones
    • Built to serve the nearby village.
  • Tsuwano
    • Interchange with the Vtuber Park Line and Mihara Line
  • Lamtsu Vtuber Park
    • Shares tracks with the Vtuber Park Line