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Reshaping of Joban Railways

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The Reshaping of Joban Railways was a plan outlined by Kowloon-Canton Railway Board member and Minister for Transport, Richard Beeching, to rationalise the Joban railway network by almost 1000 kilometres. Railways that were deemed unprofitable or overlapping were demoted to freight branches only or were completely demolished. The booklet contains a summary of lines to be closed and the reasons given.


The criterion for the specified local lines were:

Lines that are too short and serve little to no purporse

Lines that are overlapping with more than 3 lines paralelling the same area

Lines that incur a debt equal to or more than 500% of yearly income

Lines that have been slated for abandonment due to disrepair

Lines that require repairs costing greater than 6 years of income of the line

Lines that run service to areas suffering from Rural-Urban migration with at least 60% population loss trends

Lines with less than 1 service a day

Freight branches that serve single industries

The criterion for stations were to be judged on a case-by-case basis.


Taken from the news report of that day:

"This has enraged multiple towns such as Aki and Esplande, Reimu since the only serving transport has been losing money ever since they were built, thus the public has been protesting at Fuka KCR Office, to no avail, MPs of the towns will be attending the meeting at City Hall next week to discuss about railways that will be closed, it is expected over 1000 miles of track will be removed and will be replaced by a efficient bus service."

- Sorano Times, 11 Febuary 2022

Specified Local Lines

The Specified Local Lines was a list of lines that were slated for closure, and to either be closed completely or replaced with a bus service.

Name Company CJK Reason Fate
Ome Line Harmony Rail Transit (Joban) 青梅線 "The section from Ome to South Beach can no longer be serviced by cross-border train services, and therefore traffic on the line has fallen to less than 1 service per day. The line's operating costs are 800% of income, and so this line has been slated for demolition. A replacement bus service is not advised, as there is little to no traffic in the region." Scrapped
Mei Tao Branch Line Harmony Rail Transit (Joban) 梅萄支線 "The branch line is the second-shortest line on the network, being only 700m. It is highly reccomended that the line be scrapped." Converted into Light Rail
Aozora Line KCR 青空線 "The Aozora Line has fallen into disrepair due to the state of much of the infrastructure. There are several rusted bridges and enbankments that will require repairs, and the cost is estimated to be greater than 6 years of income of the line. It is therefore recommended that the line not be repaired, and instead abandoned." With the terminating of the Tohoku Shinkansen at Touhou, Touhou became a major transport hub, and traffic on the Aozora Line increased significantly. Repairs were conducted and the line was not scrapped.
Iizuna Line Harmony Rail Transit (Lamtsu) 飯綱線 "The Iizuna Line is paralled by the Mihara Line, the Yurakucho Line and the Rinkai Line. The heaviest traffic on the line was between Kata and Furudono,when the temporary tracks for the Seiyo and Lamtsu Main Lines ran via that way. However, the lines have since been moved, and traffic on the line caps out at 12%. The line runs an operating deficit of close to 300% of it's income." The Iizuna Line was scrapped between Furudono and Yellowstones. However, the remaining portion of the line was still used by Ai-Liner services and Ome Heritage Line services.
Hakone Line Harmony Rail Transit (Lamtsu) 箱根線 "The Hakone Line serves a population of 500, and the maintinance and repair costs of Otaki Station and the connecting tunnel to Tai Hing Shinkansen Station are not worth the cost." Scrapped, excluding Hakone Station
Mihara Freight Line Harmony Rail Transit (Lamtsu) 三原貨物線 "The Mihara Freight Line, and by extension, the Vtuber Park Line, see little traffic excluding Ai-Liner is strongly reccomended for the express services to be diverted to the Mihara Line and the freight line closed." Freight from Kata to Ome diverted to Mihara Freight Line. Kata Freight Terminal under consideration for reconstruction to double freight capacity.
Misato Freight Line Harmony Rail Transit (Lamtsu) 三郷貨物線 "The Misato Freight Line paralells the Mihara Line, bypassing Misato Station en-route to Mihara. However, the Ome Line extension passes via the coast, allowing freight directly to the port. It is reccomended that the line be scrapped." Scrapped from Sasaguri to Sora, freight diverted to Mihara Freight Line.
Vtuber Park APM Harmony Rail Transit (Lamtsu) "The Vtuber Park APM serves little more than an irrelavant amusement park, and is therefore strongly reccomended that it is removed as fast as possible. This will greatly assist in cleansing the land from the heathen filth of Virtual Youtubers, especially Hololive. (Redacted as of 3rd edition.)" Scrapped
Daigaku Line Aotetsu 大学線 "The Daigaku Line is bleeding quite a bit of money, and the area has little to no development. Due to a lack of traffic on the line, it is reccomended that the line be scrapped." Abandoned from Yokohama to Iwate, renamed Iwate Line.
Iwate Line Aotetsu 岩手線 "The Iwate Line serves an area that has seen significant population decline, as people move towards the new centre closer to Iwate Station. It is recommended that the line be removed as it is far too slow to be of any use." Abandoned, with campaigning for possible rehabilitation
Godo Line Nantetsu 神戸線 "The Godo Line serves 2 stations within walking distance of is strongly reccomended that the line be replaced with a pedestrian pathway. The line suffers a loss of 1200% of it's profit." Abandoned


Station Line Company Reason Fate
Sora Ome Line Harmony Rail Transit (Lamtsu) "Sora Station is but 100m from makes no sense for 2 stations to be so close together." Converted for Heritage use
Hakone Hakone Line Harmony Rail Transit (Lamtsu) "Hakone Station is but 200m from Tai Hing Forest...Therefore the railroad portion should be closed." Still in operation for Hakone Express

and Hakone Ropeway

Kata Freight Terminal Misato Freight Line Harmony Rail Transit (Lamtsu) "Kata Freight Terminal will see little traffic after the new western platforms are built, and it is therefore reccomended that the northern terminal be closed along with the Misato Freight Line." Preserved