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Rigel Corporation

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Rigel Corporation

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Locale Southern Island, City
Transit Type • Suburban Rail
• Rapid transit
Number of lines 5 (3 Heavy, 3 LRT)

The Rigel Corporation (Rigel Corp; Chinese: 里格爾集團) is a government-sponsored railway network operator established in 2003. It's main goal is to prevent monopolies in the public transport sector, and put pressure on other railway companies to improve their services.



In 2003, the Joban Government conducted a survey on those who commonly commuted to and from Joban, an estimated 5 million trips per day.

The survey was conducted to find the mode of transport that was most lacking in development and assist it with government subsidies. The survey returned 60% being unhappy about the railroads, citing the constant delays and seemingly arbitrary fares. (See Joestu Line Stage 3)

The Joban Government decided to construct a new line to duplicate and relieve traffic on the Joestu Line between Fuka and Central. This would be handed over to the Rigel Corporation.

Rigel Line

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In 2006, the Phase 1 section of Rigel Line is opened for public.

The Phase 2 section of Rigel Line is opened for public in 2008.

Airport Express

After the initial construction of the Airport Express by Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation, the operation was handed over to Rigel Corporation.

Future expansion such as the Airport Express Central South Extension was also built by Rigel Corporation.

Metropolis Line

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In 2009, the Metropolis Line proposal was put forward to the Rigel Corporation.

In 2011, Constructions begins.

Tsz Kiu Line

After the collapse of Maiko Railway, the operation of Tsz Kiu Line was handed over to Rigel Corporation.

Fuka Lightrail

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In March 2021, Rigel Corp took over the operation of Fuka Lightrail due to the disband of Norslade Rail Road.

In April 2021, constructions of the Fuka Lightrail Alyburgh branch has continued under Rigel Corporation.

Joban Light Rail

Joban Light Rail is first proposed on July 2021.

A section of Central Light Rail 271 utilizes the now abandoned East-West Express track and stations, as such Rigel Corporation are looking for the opportunities of extending the line.

It was later discovered that Hercules Station that is built for the Fuka Lightrail Alyburgh Branch is not far away from the abandoned tracks and tunnels of East-West Express.

As Central Light Rail Route 271 is lacking an efficient turn back rail, it was originally proposed for trains to terminate at the now named Telford Station, then share the terminus loop with Fuka Lightrail at Hercules. However the government cited inconvenience for the passengers and proposed a merger between Fuka Lightrail Alyburgh Branch and Central Light Rail 271.

Joban Light Rail has officially been opened on the 8th April, 2023.

Kansai APM

The Kansai APM Network was initially operated by KCRC, but was later handed over to Rigel Corporation with a 50 year Service Concession.

Due to various legal matters that was not foreseen before the handover, existing KCR Vehicle cannot be repainted, as such the KCR Logo can still be seen on the Kansai APM Network.

These vehicles are expected to slowly phase out soon as Rigel Corporation reportedly mass-ordered a new type of LRV Vehicle that will serve Kansai APM and other Light Rail route for at least 20 years.