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Seiyo Shinkansen

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Seiyo Shinkansen
A shot of the Galaxy service passing Tai Hing
General Information
Status Under Repairs
Owner Harmony Rail Transit (Joban)
Locale Joban, Sorano
Termini Central South Lamtsu
Stations 4
Service Details
Type Shinkansen
Operator(s) Harmony Rail Transit (Joban)
Depot(s) Fung Yuen Depot
Rolling stock HS2
Opened 1st March 2022
Technical Details
Line Length 51km
Track gauge 1435 mm
Electrification 100%
Operating speed 200km/h

The Seiyo Shinkansen (西予新幹線) is a line of the Joban Shinkansen network, connecting Central South in Fuka, Joban with Lamtsu in Sorano, the two biggest cities in the area. The line is jointly operated by Harmony Rail Transit (Joban) and Kowloon-Canton Railway Company. Harmony Rail Transit (Joban) operates the line far into the borders of Harmony Rail Transit (Lamtsu). it is a southward continuation of the Tohoku Shinkansen and serves other major cities such as Fung Yuen. The Shinkansen route is one of the shortest in the world, with the distance between some stations being comparable to the North-South Line. The Galaxy completes the trip from Central South to Lamtsu in 20 minutes, reaching a maximum speed of 200km/h. The Nagano and Shima Shinkansens continue the route eastwards towards Joetsu Prefecture.

Rolling Stock

As of June 2022, the following rolling stock operates on the Seiyo Shinkansen:


All stations on the Seiyo Shinkansen are operated by Harmony Rail Transit (Joban), with the exception of Lamtsu which is operated by Harmony Rail Transit (Lamtsu). Twinkle services stop at all stations, Twilight services have varying stopping patterns and Galaxy services skip all stations in-between Lamtsu and Central South. All trains stop at Lamtsu and Central south. The Lamtsu Railway Pass is not valid for travel on Galaxy services.


All trains stop
All trains pass
Some trains stop
Station CJK Twinkle Twilight Galaxy Distance from

Central South

Distance from


Transfers Location
Central South 中環南 0.0 5.2 Tohoku Shinkansen

Joestu Line

North-South Line

Shuntien Line

Tsz Kiu Line

Central Light Rail

Central Joban
Fung Yuen 12.3 17.5 Fung Yuen Line Fung Yuen
Shin-Haebaru 28.3 33.5 Haebaru Railway Haebaru Main Line Iwate Prefecture Sorano
Tai Hing | 42.6 47.8 Hakone Line Lamtsu
Lamtsu 45.8 51.0 Nagano Shinkansen

Shima Shinkansen

Tozai Line

Mihara Line

Namboku Line

Yamate Line