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Tohoku Shinkansen

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Tohoku Shinkansen
2022-03-08 12.43.12.png
An KCR E5 CAF Train boarding at Central South station
Status Operational
Termini Central South
Stations 8
Type High-speed rail
Operator(s) KCR
Rolling stock Adtranz-CAF
Former Rolling Stock Rotem EMU
Opened July 7, 2001
Line Length 35km
Track gauge 1,435mm
Electrification 3 kV DC
Operating speed 200km/h-300km/h

The Tohoku Shinkansen (Chinese: 東北新幹線) is a High Speed Rail operated by KCR.

The route has a total of 8 Stations.

List of Stations and service

N/A Not via
Station Name Station Name (English) Azuma Asama Komachi Hayate Hayabusa Transfers
中環南 Central South N/A N/A N/A Joestu Line
Tsz Kiu Line
Shuntien Line
North South Line
Central Light Rail Fuka Lightrail
Rigel Line
Airport Express
Seiyo Shinkansen
湘南 Shonan N/A N/A N/A
Tsz Kiu Line
North South Line
Central Light Rail
光石 Lightstone N/A N/A N/A
Rigel Line
Metropolis Line
負荷 Fuka N/A Joestu Line
Rigel Line
Airport Express
Fuka Lightrail
都心 Metropolis N/A N/A Watson Station
瑟里石礦場 Surry Quays N/A N/A N/A Kansai APM

Grundorf Express

安達 Anda N/A N/A
東方 Touhou N/A N/A N/A Joestu Line
Aozora Line
喬斯圖 Joestu N/A N/A N/A N/A Joestu Line

Route Map

TS RouteMap.png

Rolling stock

As of March 2023, the following types are used on Tohoku Shinkansen services.

  • E7 series: Asama services
  • 802 series: Azuma services
  • K3-900 series: Komachi Services
  • K5 series: Hayate services
  • K5N series: Hayabusa services


The Tohoku Shinkansen was formerly known as the Joestu Express and Sleigh Liner

Joestu Express

Joestu Express had a total of 3 Stations, planned for 6 cars.

Watson East Station has been renamed to Shenshui.

Joestu Express
Station Name Station Name (English) Connections Opening Date
負荷 Fuka Joestu Line, Fuka Lightrail

Rigel Line Airport Express

7 July 2001
華生東 Watson East Watson Station 7 July 2001
阿豆比 Adobe Surry Quays 7 July 2001


An Joestu Express 6 car K-Train boarding at Shenshui Station.

Platforms use by Joestu Express in Fuka design just for 4 cars, but Watson East and Adobe already build platforms for 6 cars,finally plan Joestu Express both 4 cars and 6 cars are run on the Joestu Express.6 car arrive Shenshui Station will switch rail to opposide platform and then turn back to Adobe.

Sleigh Liner

The KCRC also made proposals to plan, build, and operate the Sleigh Liner, a new railway parallel to Joestu Line to make going to Sendai faster; the KCRC received permission for the project from the government on 24 September 2007. Disputes on the funding and, postponed the construction by a year to 2008. Construction started on 7 June 2008. The new link started operation on 16 August 2010.

Sleigh Liner first plan has total of 3 Stations , plan for 4 cars.

Sleigh Liner
Station Name Station Name (English) Connections Opening Date
負荷 Fuka Joestu Line, Fuka Lightrail

Rigel Line,Airport Express,Joestu Express

16 August 2010
阿豆比 Adobe Joestu Express 16 August 2010
東方 Touhou Joestu Line,Aozora Line 16 August 2010


Various proposals to merge the KCRC and the other railway operator in the territory, the Victoria Railway, had been on the government's agenda since the 2010s. In 2011, the government, as the sole shareholder of the KCRC, decided that the two railway networks should be merged with the KCRC being granted a service concession to operate the VR network for an initial period of 11 years. The decision was passed by the Executive Council on 11 April 2012, and was later approved by the Legislative Council and the minority shareholders of the VR (the government, which had a 75% stake in the VR, did not vote).