The District of Joban Ulysses Station

Ulysses Station

From The District of Joban
Exit C of the station
General information
Location Joban
Coordinates 5025 -595
Operated by Rigel Corp
Line(s) Rigel Line
Fuka Lightrail
Platforms 4
Tracks 4
Structure Type At-Grade/
Platform Levels 2
Disabled Access Partial
Station Code ULY
Opened May 10, 2008

Ulysses (Chinese: 尤利西斯) is a station operated by Rigel Corporation.


Opened in 2008, Ulysses station is a part of the Rigel Line (Phase 2).

The station was outsourced and constructed by KCRC.

Merger with Fuka Lightrail

In 2011, The Railway Development Strategy indicates that the distance between Fuka West station and Ulysses station is too close, bringing unnecessary extra cost and low effectiveness, and therefore recommends a merge between them. After consulting with Rigel Corp, KCRC decides to build two extra platforms at the ground level of Ulysses station for the Fuka Lightrail and closes the original Fuka West station instead. The merger was finished in mid-2013.

Station Layout

G Exit A and C
Side Platform, doors will open on the left
Platform 3 Fuka Lightrail towards Fuka
Platform 4 Fuka Lightrail towards Drayton
Side Platform, doors will open on the left
C Concourse Exit A, B, and C
Customer Service, Shops
Side Platform, doors will open on the left
P Platform 1 Rigel Line towards Draco
Platform 2 Rigel Line towards Airport (Terminal 1)
Side Platform, doors will open on the left